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Search Engine Optimization: Common Misconceptions

SEO can be quite confusing if you are just starting to look into it. One of the common misconceptions about SEO that companies get is that a lot of business owners tend to think it is only about doing things within your website, as in making some changes to your Meta titles, creating Sitemaps etc.

While these are important aspects of doing SEO and ensuring that Google is aware of your website, it is very important to be realistic about what sort of industry you are in and if just on-site changes are going to help you rank.

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You see, Google being the sort of traffic-generator it is, is quite a competitive market for most industries. Businesses are very aware of the importance of being visible on Google and as such, they are all trying to get their websites on page 1. Hence, logic dictates that Google simply cannot make these decisions based on on-page factors alone, because they are just too easy to manipulate.

Anyone with a website has full control over their site. It is incredibly easy to log in to your website and make some changes to the Meta Titles and Descriptions on your website. In fact, if you do some research, you may even go so far as to optimize images, create sitemaps, submit the sitemap to Google etc. However, once again, it is important to note that MOST of your competitors have probably ALSO done all of these things.

So all things equal, you’re just on the same playing ground as your other serious competitors who have made the effort to optimize their websites.

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So now the question is, how does Google decide which business is better? Who does it trust?

Well, that is where REAL SEO comes into the picture. Things that are much difficult to engineer, like links, anchor text ratios, and balances, avoiding over-optimization, ensure links look natural and not forced and so on.

Ultimately,y Google will trust your business if it sees that many other people are talking about your business and over a period of time, not just for a short amount of time, and then suddenly stop. This is why mass link building strategies no longer work and in fact, can severely hurt your website. If you want to learn more about the current state of the industry, check out this article.

As SEO agency, our job is to ensure that the business looks like it is growing and expanding and advertising more. It is creating an impact in its local area and that is how Google will pick it up as a growing entity and reward it with more rankings and organic traffic.